10-Day Ideal Customer Challenge!

Learn how to identify your ideal customer

...in only 10 days!

In this challenge you'll learn:

✔ Where your customers hang out to help you find more of them


✔ Why knowing how your customer thinks is critical to getting the best customers


✔ How being specific will help you find more customers, not less

During this FREE 10-Day Challenge, you'll get...

Your Ideal Customer Workbook!

Identifying your ideal customer is not as easy as just pointing and saying there they are. You need to do some research, look at your current clients, and start to understand their demographics and psychographics. This workbook gives you everything you need to identify your ideal customer even if you don't currently have any.

Your Ideal Customer Profile!

Once you've identified your ideal customer you need somewhere to document it so you, your employees and your referral sources know exactly what you're looking for. Why leave it to chance now you know who your ideal customers are?

Meet your challenge Team Leader...

Hi everyone!


Steve Black here, Executive Director for BNI West & South-Central Texas and I have been working with hundreds of business just like yours, helping them build their business by referrals.


When I started in BNI, it was as a member offering custom window treatments in Austin, TX. I joined a local BNI Chapter expecting to get lots of referrals really quickly but it didn't happen that way.


It took me three months to get my first referral, and then I finally figured it out. If I didn't know who my ideal customer was, how was I going to teach my fellow BNI Members what a good referral was?


Once I had identified my ideal customers, not only did it help my referrals go up both in and out of my BNI Chapter, but my website and other advertising leads went up because I was marketing to the right people, not just everyone.


I was really fortunate and excited when I got the opportunity to purchase the local BNI Franchise in 2014 and help other businesses achieve the same success that I had.


My passion in life is to help as many businesses as I can grow their business by referrals and knowing who your ideal customers are is the first step.


Join me in identifying your ideal customers in this FREE 10-day challenge.

Together We Can!

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